About us

Hamazgayin State Theatre was established in 1991 by celebrated Armenian actor Sos Sargsyan. Mayis Karagyozyan, Shahum Ghazaryan and many other well-known actors stood at the origins of the theater.  In 2000 new generation of actors entered the theater: Tatev Ghazaryan, Arman Navasardyan, Narine Grigoryan, Varsham Gevorgyan, Armine Poghosyan, Mkhitar Avetisyan, Karen Khachatryan, Gagik Madoyan gave new breathe to Hamazgayin Theater. Since 2009 Vardan Mkrtchyan is General Director of Hamazgayin State Theatre.

The vision and mission of Hamazgayin State Theatre are as follows:

  • To develop acting in Armenia;
  • To have a wide repertoire making special emphasize on contemporary playwrights;
  • To find and motivate young talents;

To integrate in international theatrical life, to have an active communication with international and domestic theatre companies.

Hamazgayin State Theatre has a wide range of performances including dramas, tragedies and comedies. Besides Armenian plays, the theatre has staged plays by William Shakespeare, Anton Chekhov, Bertolt Brecht etc.  

In last 10 years State Hamazgayin Theatre had tours in different regions of Armenia as well as in France, Belgium, Russia, Iran, Lebanon, Estonia, Germany and United States. 

Since 2015 the theatre was named after Sos Sargsyan."Sos Sargsyan Cultural Foundation" started on November 16, 2012 by the famous theatrical figure Sos Sargsyan. 

The objectives of the foundation are to support the development of culture, promote social development for cultural and educational programs aimed at harmonization."Sos Sargsyan" foundation of the cultural sector is quite broad. The changes in the theatrical culture are primarily by mobilizing the potential of the diaspora, and strive to make presentable advanced cultural values of the theatrical world.Our principles are on flexibility and open-mindedness. Therefore, we call on all those who have interesting ideas or suggestions. Feel free to contact us without hesitation.